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Unlock the Art of Brow Transformation with Our Online Henna Brow Course!

Elevate your brow game to new heights with our comprehensive online Henna Brow Course. Dive into the world of henna brow artistry and master the techniques to create stunning, long-lasting brows that stand out.

What you’ll learn:
1. Fundamentals of Henna Brow Artistry: Understand the basics of henna application, color theory, and brow shaping techniques.
2. Custom Brow Design: Learn how to analyze facial features and create bespoke brow designs tailored to each client.
3. Henna Application Techniques: Master the art of henna application, including precise outlining, filling, and blending for flawless results.
4. Color Mixing and Customization: Explore the intricacies of color mixing to achieve the perfect shade for every client.
5. Longevity and Aftercare: Discover tips and tricks for prolonging the longevity of henna brows and ensuring client satisfaction.

Why choose our course:
– Expert Guidance: Learn from industry-leading brow artists with years of experience in henna brow artistry.
– Flexible Learning: Access our course materials online, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience.
– Interactive Modules: Engage with hands on tutorials, information and quizzes.
– Certification: Receive a certificate upon completion, validating your expertise in henna brow artistry.

Whether you’re a seasoned brow artist looking to expand your skill set or a newcomer eager to delve into the world of brow enhancement, our online Henna Brow Course has everything you need to succeed.

Ongoing support with our journeyperson instrcutors for life!

Upon completing course you will receive a certficate of completion for theory portion. If e-mailed 2 sets of Henna Brows to your instructor you will receive a full henna brow certifcate.

Options to ADD on a kit to your course.


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