Elite Hairstyling & Esthetics Training Center is a registered Private Vocational School. registered by the Government of Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Advanced Education.

Elite Training Center is a designated educational institution for student loan eligibility.

Visit the below link to apply for your student loan, scholarships, bursaries, grant and more information: 


Student Line of Credit: We encourage students contact your local bank to explore options of financing your education through student line of credit. You may require a breakdown of your program so please contact us for a letter.

Payment Options: Please contact our admission advisor for other options of payment that my suit your needs.

Elite Hairstyling & Esthetics Training Center welcomes all interested students to explore all options for financial aid. Elite does not guarantee any students will receive the financial aid but will work alongside you to help with the process. 

Need more information or help please contact Amy. 

e-mail: director@elitecenter.ca

Phone- 306-972-9001