Lamb Lashes (Multiple Selections)


REGINA – If you’re looking for an every day flirty style of lashes, Regina is for you! These gorgeous faux mink lashes are our most popular style and for good reason. Their soft and comfortable band make you forget you’re even wearing them all day!

SASKATOON – is the wispy and lightweight style you’ve always dreamed of! Feel like a natural beauty in these laid back yet glamorous lashes. This lash style is super versatile for all eye shapes and comes in either a clear or black band—the choice is up to you!

PALM SPRINGS –  style is so light-weight, you’ll forget you’re even wearing them! Made with an innovative synthetic cashmere technology, Palm Springs is one of the lightest lashes you will ever wear. This doll-eye style opens the look of your eyes and gives them the added attention you deserve. The soft and comfortable band is great for wearing all day or all night!

LONDON – You’ll feel like absolute royalty wearing our London lashes! This brilliant silk style gives a look of elegance and grace but also a bit of drama as well. The soft band makes these lashes comfortable and fit for a queen!

KINDERSLEY – Wedding Season is our favorite and these lashes were designed specifically with bridal parties in mind by the ultra talented Tori Stevens (Becker) MUA. If you’re looking for a beautiful lightweight cat-eye style then Kindersley is for you! The invisible band and short length of this lash style will have all eyes on you on your special day!

HALIFAX – Our Halifax style is one of the most beautiful lash styles you will find from coast to coast. This style was designed by the legendary makeup artist Selena Marchand out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. This beautiful and elegant style has lightweight textured lashes for a super natural cat-eye look. Paired with an invisible band, Halifax is the perfect style to add some natural gLAMB to any event!

BANFF -Looking for a beautiful and wispy everyday lash style?! Look no further–Banff is perfect for you! Banff has an invisible band and its soft, lightweight lashes make you even forget you’re wearing them. Hike a mountain, hop on a conference call or head out on the town in one of our most comfortable and natural looking styles!

AMSTERDAM – Our Amsterdam style is as fun and it is beautiful, similar to the city it’s named after! You will love the textured complimentary cat-eye style paired with our comfortable cotton band. We promise you will never give this style the red light!

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